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My editorial services include the review, proof reading, copy editing and editing of your writing.

I do whatever is needed to ensure that your words’ intended meanings are conveyed comfortably to your readers.

Independently correcting manuscripts, articles, interviews, scripts and corporate communications greatly increases their chances of success.

I work with you to ensure the best presentation of your carefully constructed ideas.

English in its many forms may be the peerless language of the global 21st century, but what really matters is making your meaning clear beyond a doubt.

For authors, artistic and corporate communications departments, editing is an essential part of the international publication process.

I am committed to high editorial standards and support the universal right to freedom of expression.

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Praise from writers

David brought his diligence, skill and kindness to bear on my work. His collaboration and suggestions were really top drawer and I think we are both well pleased with the result. I’m working on my third book now and when ready, I’ll be back to David. Why go anywhere else?

V S C Castle

Author, The Appearance of Things

I think you’ve done miracles with the book. I don’t know how you managed to pull it all together. I was afraid you were going to take one look at it and send it back. I feel you’ve hardly changed the book, and yet it flows now.

Muffi Hiss


I thank you and congratulate you. You turned lead into gold. 

Denis Olivennes

CEO of the French daily newspaper Libération.

Thank you to David Hornsby for his friendship and precious assistance as the manager and editor of our blog, He has helped me publish my interviews online since 2014.

Alain Elkann

Journalist & Author, La Stampa, Alain Elkann Interviews

David you have done a brilliant job.

John Micklethwait
Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg News

You have captured the true essence of what I am doing and why, and never has an article so clearly and elegantly presented and articulated the problem I am trying to solve and the solution. 

Whitney Hawkings

Founder and CEO, FLOWERBX

I have been very lucky in having as fine an editor as David Hornsby. Not only does he understand what good English and its constituent parts are, but he also has the sophistication and erudition to avoid the pitfalls into which too many other editors hurtle their authors. I really don’t think a better editor exists.

Lady Colin Campbell

Author, The Real Diana

I’ve just read [the interview] and I am so very happy. It is a brilliantly succinct editing of the conversation and I could not be more pleased.

Edmund de Waal

Artist and author

Thank God for David’s editing.

Emilio Ambasz

Designer and pioneer of Green architecture.

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